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Cork Harbour Against Warship Visits
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Statio Bene Fide Carinis - A Safe Place for Ships - but those dedicated to killing human beings are not welcome!

Cork Harbour Against Warship Visits was founded in July 2006 to campaign against the visit of foreign warships to the Port and Harbour of Cork.   Cork Harbour has long been associated with military vessels with the presence of a major British naval base and harbour forts until 1938 (Sixteen years after the foundation of the Irish Free State / later known as the Republic of Ireland). 
In spite of the declaration of a state of neutrality, claimed to this day by the Fianna Fail / Progressive Democrat government, in truth more and more foreign warships have been visiting the port in recent years, particularly the warships of the United States of America and Britain.
Cork Harbour Against Warship Visits is dedicated to opposing these visits and acting as an early warning to inform anti-war activists and the wider public as soon as possible after visits or planned visits become known to us.
Based in Cobh on Great Island in the middle of Cork Harbour, Cork Harbour Against Warship Visits draws its support base from among communities around the harbour and right up to the quays in Cork city.