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Free the Old Head of Kinsale
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1997 - 2007
Ten years behind bars!

Ten years in Jail! - The Old Head of Kinsale

Welcome to our web site!

It is now ten years since the Old Head Golflinks club opened and public access to the headland, which had been enjoyed for centuries, was cut off with heavy gates, razor wire and security.
The Free the Old Head of Kinsale Campaign is dedicated to fight against the closure of one of Ireland's most scenic locations which has been walked and enjoyed by generations of people.
In 1997 a golf links course was opened on the Old Head of Kinsale and public access was cut off by its developers, Ashbourne Holdings.  A right of way along the headland existed here for centuries and local people were picnicing on the Old Head on May 7th 1915 when the steamship liner Lusitania was torpedoed just eleven miles to the south.
Over the last number of years the Free the Old Head of Kinsale campaign has held numerous "people's picnics" on the Old Head to protest against the closure of this unique and stunning location which is a place of great natural beauty, a bird sanctuary, a habitat for many rare species, a whale watching location and a place of great history and antiquity.
The golf club does not own the entire headland (part of it is owned by the Commissioners for Irish Lights where the lighthouse is located) and under Irish law they cannot own the foreshore. 
It has been ten years but the Free the Old Head of Kinsale campaign is as determined as ever to fight for the restoration of public access to this most important piece of Ireland.  We are currently pursuing the issue through the courts  and in the long term we believe that the Old Head of Kinsale should be a United Nations listed world heritage site and we intend to campaign for this status.
In the meantime the campaign goes on.  The next People's Picnic has been provisionally organised for Sunday, 26th August 2007 at 2pm.  Please come back to this website where the arrangements for the People's Picnic will be posted shortly.
We Shall Overcome!

Free the Old Head of Kinsale